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Appointment Booking System for Acupuncture

Do you run an acupuncture practice?

Bookly is an appointment booking system which allows clients to book for Acupuncture treatments online. It’s being used by Acupuncture practices across the globe and has been reviewed to be reliable and have many features.

As Acupuncture medical treatment continues to gain popularity around the world, an appointment booking software for Acupuncture has become a necessity. Also, to run a successful Acupuncture practice, you need more than just a place, needles and herbs. You also need an appointment booking system that literally puts your clients in your hands.

Scheduling appointments for services by the traditional back and forth methods of phone calls or e-mails can be so cumbersome, time-consuming and can also cost a lot in personnel handling fees. Just as always, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on costs while still delivering excellent services to their clients. The Acupuncture industry is no exception.

Bookly allows Acupuncture practices to offer patients a simplified appointment booking system for acupuncture treatments. With our Acupuncture online booking plugin, you become available everywhere and at any time. It doesn’t matter if you or your staffs are there to answer appointment booking calls or not.

Keep Track of Clients and Business

As an Acupuncture professional, you probably serve a lot of clients on a daily basis. So, there is a need to have a handy record of your clients’ histories.
With Bookly you have access to an organized calendar while being able to see your scheduled appointments and also clients’ histories. You can also see an overview of your business, showing statistics. Another benefit of providing your clients with abilities to book for your services online is that you could cut out the financial responsibility of hiring an office staff to handle the back and forth process of manual appointment booking.

Get your booking system automated

Imagine that in the middle of an Acupuncture session, your phone rings and your hands are tied. Of course, it would be really unprofessional to leave a patient unattended while you take a phone call. But with Bookly Acupuncture online booking plugin, all a client needs to do is log in to your website and book an appointment in a couple of minutes.
An Acupuncture business can also use Bookly to convert bookings into services and collect reviews. This means that after you have attended to a client, you can use Bookly to request for a review and also feedback from the client.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Bookly is a highly responsive and mobile friendly plugin. It allows you to view your appointment calendar, client’s history and business overview from any device. You can also monitor payment history and clients feedbacks and check for scheduled appointments from anywhere, with any device as Bookly keeps your appointment calendar online.

Another benefit of offering Bookly for your clients’ Acupuncture online booking is that it helps you reduce the number of no-shows, as cancelled appointment slots are quickly filled up. Also, Bookly automatically sends out SMS and email reminders to your clients.
Using Bookly for appointment bookings in reality is like having front desk personnel who works round the clock.

Accept Payments Online

Bookly wordpress booking plugin is designed for Acupuncture businesses to be able to accept payments online. This Appointment Booking System for Acupuncture is flexible and allows you choose how your clients pay you. Depending on your needs, you can set Bookly to request a deposit during online Acupuncture booking. Also, Bookly integrates with a wide range of payment gateway add-ons.

Bookly is certainly a great addition to your website and an efficient tool for online patient scheduling, allowing you and your staff to focus on other important aspects of your business.

What our customers say?

Great plugin, I set up 4 different synced Google calendars with no problem. I had a small issue after a migration that support helped clear up with in 2 days. Great support.

Stable, effective and reliable, even when updating. That's the kind of peace of mind that helps any developer. Thanks.

Support is amazing. Really impressed with the app. Received my first booking and the sms feature in updating customers is amazing. Very professional system. Love it when I find a gem like this. Thank you

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More Bookly features

Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

Do you still hesitate if Bookly online patient scheduling system has all you need?

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