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Appointment booking system for Embassies and Consulates

Looking for a booking system for embassy and consulate?

An appointment booking system for embassies and consulates can make life much easier. Embassies and consulates all over the world help people with legal matters, passport renewals, and visas. Making appointments and answering queries of all the people contacting the consulate can be very strenuous for the employees.

If there is an appointment system in place, people can easily make a booking and get the time they need to discuss their issues with the experts at the embassy. Bookly provides a unique plugin which allows people to book a slot through the embassy’s website.

Customizable Design

Bookly WordPress booking plugin for embassies and consulates allows you to customize the form to fit your needs. The beautiful and simple design can be easily integrated into the embassy’s website. All you have to do is install the plugin and customize it according to your needs. You do not need to hire a developer to do this for you, any employee can do this in no time. The form is responsive and can be used on mobile, tabs, and laptops alike. Bookly allows you to set minimum periods for bookings and cancellations and also create templates for messages.

Quick Appointments and Confirmations

With Bookly everyone calling the embassy to make an appointment can easily book a time slot through the website. There will be no longer any need to wait for the call to connect or an employee to get back to you. Bookly enables quick online appointments and confirms the bookings through SMS and emails. Bookly automatically sends reminders to the person so they won’t miss their appointment. The plugin can also accept online payments such as visa fees and passport renewal charges. People can attach files during the booking process such as photographs and documents. For embassies and consulates, Bookly can make the scheduling process efficient and uncomplicated.

Customer Feedback and Suggestions

With Bookly appointment booking system for embassies and consulates, an embassy can collect feedback and suggestions to help improve the working. If any client has a complaint against an employee, they can easily leave feedback using Bookly. The plugin creates analytics reports that can help you improve the services of a consulate. An embassy can also take customer suggestions and work on increasing the efficiency of their system.

A reliable appointment booking system for embassies and consulates can enable the employees to organize their meetings with people, and schedule bookings for everyone contacting the embassy. Bookly is one of the best online scheduling systems out there, and can considerably enhance the efficiency of any embassy around the world.

What our customers say?

I will say at first I was skeptical, but now I'm a fan. Awesome design, flexible and really hands on. As for the customer support, well simply unbelievable, any issues or questions I had were fixed and answered fast, this is really important for me. Thank you guys, keep up the awesome work.
They are eager to help when needed and always find the solution needed.

Great support. I had some issues with Bookly and some of the add-ons, because of my theme. Bookly worked it out and found the working solution.


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