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Appointment Scheduling App for Libraries

Do you run a library?

An appointment scheduling app for libraries can help run a library smoothly. With the technology replacing books, libraries are now combining books with technology to modernize their systems. When searching for rare transcripts and sources, manually doing it can be quite hard. Moreover, organizing books, recording who issued them, and listing the titles available, is a tough job to accomplish without taking help from technology.

That is where Bookly comes. This WordPress plugin can provide libraries with an easy-to-use appointment system that can aid in organization and management of borrowed books.

No Coding Required

Bookly’s appointment scheduling app for libraries does not require coding. This cost-effective plugin takes a few minutes to install and enables you to add an appointment form to your library’s website. With this form, you can allow readers to make a booking for a particular transcript and get it without any hassle. You can set the period of booking and fine when the book is overdue. You can customize the appearance of the booking form and modify the booking steps and required fields according to your specific needs. Bookly’s form can be accessed from phones or laptops and is quite easy to comprehend.

Better Organization

Bookly allows you to organize books into different categories on the booking form. This would make it simpler for clients to find the transcript they are searching for. The form has a multi-language support that would let more people access it. With Bookly you get a well-organized schedule for borrowing library books and archives, without doing the hard work yourself.

Send Reminders

One of the biggest problems libraries face is when readers don’t return books on time. This appointment scheduling app for libraries offers a solution for this. Bookly can automatically send messages and emails on your behalf. You can use this plugin to set a template for reminders to the readers when their due date is approaching. Also, you can keep a digital record of the borrowed books with Bookly.

Easy Management

Bookly is designed to make management much less hectic for the librarians. When installed on your website, it can allow readers to find the book or archive they want from the library’s website and make an appointment to get it issued. This can save both readers and librarians considerable time. Using Bookly, librarians can keep tab on the readers who have issued books, their due dates, the titles that are available in the library at the moment, and much more.

An appointment scheduling app for libraries has become essential in this new era. By using an online library system, you can not only make management easier, you can also appeal to the younger crowd and provide easy access to the knowledge with Bookly.

What our customers say?

The best reservation plugin ever with a great customer support ! Thank you !

The infinite customization ability is tops. Customer support is good (usually within a few days) and anyone familiar with managing a WordPress website should have no trouble setting up this plugin. I am currently using the Extras, PayPal Standard & Deposit Payments plugins with Bookly.
Customer Support is exceptional.


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