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Appointment scheduling software for Financial & 401K Advisors

Do you offer financial & 401K advice services?

People have demanding and busy schedules. They want it to be easy to make a booking for financial and 401K advice. They expect that they can make an appointment without having to call in during work hours and from the convenience of their phone.

Bookly is an appointment scheduling software for Financial & 401K Advisors which simplifies the process of booking an appointment. This WordPress plugin can be added to your website within minutes and doesn’t require a developer to setup.

Match bookings to staff availability

You can add your company’s advisors availability to the calendar. This lets clients know if the financial advisor that they are working with is available on a particular day or time. You can then set bookings approvals to be either automatic or manual. Once a booking has been made, that task can be turned into an appointment.

Let clients book specific advisors

Bookly allows your clients to set appointments with specific financial advisors in your team. You’ll be able to see all of the bookings that have been made and the advisors who are assigned to those clients on the same company calendar. Using the ratings add-on plugin, clients can provide star rated feedback following their appointment.

Flexible meeting times

You can set up the available duration options for the service, your clients then can choose the length of an appointment particular appointment will take. You can even set a time buffer on either side, so that your advisors don’t have to take appointments back to back. With Bookly you are in complete control of how your company chooses to schedule appointments.

Responsive designs built for mobile

Your clients want to be able to set an appointment using their phone. Bookly is fully responsive and designed for mobile. This means that the experience of making a booking using your smartphone is just as easy as with a laptop or desktop computer. On both desktop and mobile, Bookly features a clean, easy to use form that has been used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Provide notifications with SMS or email

When customers make their booking they can receive confirmation either by SMS or email. You can also set reminder notifications so that your clients don’t miss their appointment. This is a great way of avoiding the problem of clients failing to show up and wasting your advisor’s time.

Multi-language support

Most appointment scheduling software for Financial & 401K Advisors solutions only provide support in English. However your clients may not use English as their first language. That’s no problem with Bookly because it comes with language support. Allow your customers to make their booking in the language that they use every day.

Using Bookly clients are able to make an appointment day or night using any device. With Bookly there is no more need to hire a front desk employee or organise your own appointments. Bookly lets you get back to doing what you do best – providing the best service and advice for your clients.

What our customers say?

Just started using the plugin but it seems to have all the features i need for my project.

Great developer. Pays very close attention to detail. UI and UX is delightful. Moreover keeps up with consistent updates and help.

This is a great plugin that allows my client to schedule appointments and take an initial payment. Support questions have been responded to quickly and were very helpful!

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More Bookly features

Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

Do you still hesitate if Bookly online patient scheduling system has all you need?

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