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Artist Booking Agency Online Appointment Scheduling Solution

Do you run an artist booking agency?

For an artist booking agency hiring a front desk employee becomes a necessity. Someone has to take calls, make appointments, and manage bookings. But what if we tell you there is an online solution that can save your money and help you increase your profits? Yes, that’s right. Bookly offers a unique appointment scheduling system that can take online bookings in a few seconds. Cutting short the need for back-and-forth calls and long waiting periods, Bookly makes the scheduling process much more efficient for your talent booking agency.

Easy to Customize

If your artist booking agency has a website, you can easily add Bookly to it. The WordPress plugin can be installed in a few seconds. The form is simple and easy to customize. You can set the fields according to your needs. You do not need to hire a developer or need any coding experience. The process is so simple even beginners can do it.

Automatic Messages

Bookly has the feature to automatically send emails and text messages to the clients when they make a booking. You don’t have to make calls to confirm bookings, Bookly can do this for you. What’s more, you can set a template for messages and Bookly would send your regular clients updates regarding discount offers and much more. It also sends reminders to the clients and artists working with your agency, so no appointment is missed. Getting Bookly for your booking agency for unsigned artist can make scheduling and managing appointments much less complicated.

Receive Online Payments

A huge problem that any comedy booking agency or artist voice booking agency faces is making sure the artists receive their payments. Taking some amount as advance during booking becomes essential in this case. Bookly can help you with that as well. You can receive payments during the booking process by adding the option in your form. This way the client’s appointment would be confirmed only when they have paid the advance. With Bookly, you can ensure all the artists working with your artist booking agency get what they are owed.

There are several other interesting features that set Bookly apart from other appointment software. The plugin allows you to give admin rights to all the artists so they can edit or cancel when a client books them. You can also get feedback, set minimum periods for bookings, use add-ons for other features, and do much more. We recommend you to get Bookly for your artist booking agency right away.

What our customers say?

Does the job perfectly for what I needed and support is always great and very quick.
Love the ease of working with this plug in!

Well written code and and excellent functionality. Using it without any problem in my dental business.

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More Bookly features

Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

Do you still hesitate if Bookly online patient scheduling system has all you need?

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