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Computer Repair Booking Software

Do you run the computer repair business?

When someone’s smartphone or laptop breaks the customer doesn’t want to wait to book an appointment. When they look online they will typically select the first repair option which makes booking easy. If you can only accept bookings during working hours, then there is a good chance you will miss out on the sale.

The challenge is booking those repair appointments in a way which doesn’t take over your workday. Answering an email to schedule a new booking may not seem like a time-consuming activity. But consider for a moment the full cost of replying. If your workflow is interrupted it will typically take at least several minutes to get back to the task at hand. Over the course of a day replying to dozen or so queries can easily cost you hours of productive time. Bookly is a computer repair booking software which removes you entirely from the booking process so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Bookly is the perfect solution if don’t want to invest in a full-time office administrator or secretary to book and schedule appointments. With Bookly you avoid the cost and managerial responsibilities of a paid employee, and at the same time benefit from a booking service which is available around the clock.

Ask Additional Questions & Request Files

Diagnosing computers issues correctly is invaluable when providing pricing and time estimates. With Bookly you can ask additional questions during the booking process. Customers can also upload files, such as screenshots, when they are making an appointment. This makes it easy for customers to convey the correct information about the problems that they are facing. Giving you a much more comprehensive understanding of how you can help the customers while they are making their booking.

Upsell Additional Services

Bookly has powerful inbuilt marketing automation features which let you increase the average value of your clientele. During the booking process, you can use Bookly to present additional offers to your clients. Making potential customers aware of other additional services that you offer can help you to increase the average sale price.

Attract New Customers With Coupons

One of the more popular ways of enticing new customers is to use coupons. Bookly comes with a number of marketing add-ons, including coupons, which enable you to attract new customers. And Bookly’s simple to use interface streamlines converting those new inquiries into booked appointments.

Convert Bookings Into Services

Bookly simplifies your sales to service workflow. Approvals for bookings can be set to be confirmed either manually or automatically. Then using the computer repair booking software you can automatically convert bookings into services. This means that you can use Bookly to arrange to have a computer sent in for repairs, and then when sent with ease. When you have delivered the repair service you can use Bookly to let customers leave reviews and feedback.

Simplify Payments and Deposits

Taking payments for services is equally easy using the computer repair booking system. The plugin integrates easily with a wide selection of payment gateway add-ons. This includes WordPress most popular payment solution WooCommerce. Also if you want to request a deposit for the repair, you can set this during the booking process.

Bookly is the smart way to manage your computer repair bookings. With Bookly your clients will have the flexibility to book when they want and how they want. With flexible options for upselling services and taking deposits, you can run not only a more efficient booking service but a more profitable one as well.

What our customers say?

Awesome plugin, love it!

I will say at first I was skeptical, but now I'm a fan. Awesome design, flexible and really hands on. As for the customer support, well simply unbelievable, any issues or questions I had were fixed and answered fast, this is really important for me. Thank you guys, keep up the awesome work. Kudos to Dmitry

This plug-in is absolutely excellent. The customer support also very good. There are add-ons to this plug to extend its capabilities that are also excellent. You will need to understand your server if you want to set up the email notifications, but it gives you the options to customize if you have the skills to do so. Txt notifications and the calendar itself are very user friendly.

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