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DJ booking agency appointment scheduling solution

Do you run a DJ booking agency?

Offering DJ services can be a competitive business. With many other potential DJs available, you need to make it easy for people to book you for their event. At the same time most DJs don’t want to spend all of their time arranging bookings or take on the cost of employing someone else to do this for them. On top of this are the issues of taking payments and co-ordinating on appointments with your clients. Because of this many DJs resort to using a DJ booking agency which takes a significant cut of their earnings.

Bookly provides a solution to all of these problems. Adding Bookly to your website makes it easy for anyone to book in your services without the need for a DJ booking agency. Bookly is a completely automated process so you can provide your booking service around the clock. Bookly also makes it easy for you to accept payments when your clients are making the booking. Even better Bookly has inbuilt features which makes it easy for you to liaise with your clients.

Easy payment options

Bookly makes it easy for clients to make payments for your services during the booking process. Standard version comes with PayPal express Checkout included. Bookly also seamlessly integrates with many popular payment options such as Authorize.net and Stripe. If you don’t want to take full payment during booking you can request a deposit from your customers.

Coordinate with your clients on appointments

When your customers are arranging their event, your DJ services will typically only be one aspect that they are organising. Bookly helps to make sure that this process is as seamless as possible for both you and your client. With Bookly you can set automated reminders via text or email. With Bookly you can provide you customers with their own unique account login details. This will allow them to find the details of their appointment.

Setup your own DJ booking agency

If you want to setup your DJ booking agency then Bookly is the perfect solution. Whether you are running a little booking agency or an international booking agency managing your DJs is equally easy. With Bookly you can let clients choose specific DJs that they want for your events. You can then match DJ’s availability during the week, so clients can see at a glance whether they will be able to attend their event.

With Bookly you don’t need to be tied your phone in order to book out a full schedule. Bookly takes you out of the picture, so that your customers are able to book your services through your website. Bookly is responsive and designed for mobile and so your clients will be able to book easily through their smartphone.

What our customers say?

Great plugin and excellent customer support.

Love it so much. I'll be recommending it to all my clients. Customizable and Google Calendar Sync perfect!

I've experienced amazing support today and EVERY day I've asked for help! This plug-in is so awesome and the team are just great at helping you get what you need up and running. Yay!!!!

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User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

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Full customization

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