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Driving Instructor Booking System

Are you a driving instructor?

Online bookings are making their way into every industry. From buying plane tickets to hotel rooms, online booking systems are proving a convenient way to reach more consumers. Similarly, driving instructor booking systems are also gaining a foothold in the industry.

People are searching to make bookings online and this as a business owner, gives you a great opportunity to increase your foothold in your industry. Bookly is an effective WordPress plugin that can help driving instructors or institutes to easily market their services. Here are the following scenarios that your driving firm can benefit from while using Bookly.

Save Time

Time is money. For entrepreneurs, Bookly provides a better way to have their focus on other strategic goals while Bookly handles the appointment. You do not need to employ people for responding to daily phone calls or meetings to reserve appointments for your firm. Sit back and let Bookly handle this task!

Increase Customer Base

With the influx of mobile devices, having a driving instructor booking system on your website is a need. Besides, this also helps owners to significantly increase their customer base and fetch more business. With Bookly, you can effectively beat the competition as it makes it more suitable to book your client’s appointment.

Payments Made Easier

Cash flow problems for any business hurts. Bookly have an easy solution for this situation. The plugin efficiently integrates various payment options, including PayPal, and cash on arrival facility for business owners. Besides, it also helps you to make a list of details pertaining to completed and pending payments. This can be a highly effective feature for driving instructors as it can enable future business planning on the basis of up to date cash flow.

Multi-Language Support

Not everyone understands English. The team behind Bookly takes extra care to make the plugin compatible for different regions. Of course, driving instructors need to use the local language to make their website more enticing for their users. Bookly is available in popular languages such as Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

Effective Management

Bookly helps you effectively manage your client database. Clients serve as a backbone for every driving school. Showcasing as an effective driving instructor booking system Bookly can easily help you get better insights into customer’s data. This includes managing their contact number, Skype ID, or the last appointment they had with you. In addition, there are other several features that Bookly boasts off, including WooCommerce integration, responsive design, and synchronization with Google calendar.

Still not convinced? How about using the Bookly free plugin to test its effectiveness for your driving school website? With no knowledge of coding or backend development, Bookly can serve as an effective plugin for driving instructor booking system needs.

What our customers say?

Good quality and very useful! You will notice that the person who created this has truly though it thru. This plugin has many features. Worth it!

AMAZING! Seriously, that pretty much sums up Bookly. It works perfectly, looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use for both administrators and users, and is extremely flexible! Admittedly, it isn't designed for the purpose that we're using it (reserving bowling lanes), but it's so flexible that we were able to adjust what we needed to in order to make it work for this purpose.
Perfect booking system, simply awesome.


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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

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