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Entertainment booking agency software

Do you run an entertainment booking agency?

Booking and scheduling acts is a 24/7 job for your typical entertainment booking agency. Organizing schedules detracts entertainment bookers from what is otherwise an exciting industry to be involved with. Booking issues can also act as a brake on growth of an entertainment booking agency. As the agency takes on more clients, it can be harder to be as responsive to new bookings.

This is where Bookly can help. Bookly is an entertainment booking agency software which lets your clients arrange their own bookings through your website. Bookly has a range of features to automate the booking process and take it off your hands. It also works as a scheduling tool for the acts that you represent. This means you’ll be able to track your acts bookings at a glance using either Google or Outlook calendar.

Mobile friendly on any website

Bookly has been designed to be mobile-friendly for both clients and booking agencies. The booking form will adjust automatically to the mobile version of your website. For customers this means a clean, well designed UX for mobile screens. The backend also adjusts to mobile which means that you can easily manage your bookings using your smartphone.

Make bookings without having to take calls

In the past running an entertainment booking agency meant that you were inevitably tied to your phone. If customers wanted to book an act, then they needed to call you first to make that booking. Entertainment booking agency software has changed that dynamic. With Bookly it is possible to remove yourself from the booking process allowing customers to make their own bookings without needing to call you first. Because it has a powerful range of features that automate the booking process while allowing for a lot of flexibility, the client still gets the same quality of experience as if they were talking to you personally.

Sell addons and book equipment and spaces

Bookly doesn’t just let customers book the entertainment acts. You can also setup your booking forms so that customers are able to purchase additional add-ons. For example, if your customer needs AV or lighting help, you can put this as add-on to the booking form. You can also let customers book locations and equipment as well as services. With Bookly you can provide an all-inclusive booking experience that maximises the value of your customers.

Send reminder notifications

Customers who are booking entertainment acts typically have a lot of different aspects of the event that they are trying to coordinate. With Bookly you can make it easier for them to keep on top of the logistics for the event by sending them automated reminders. The reminders can be setup to tell your client when the entertainment act will arrive and other key information. These reminders can be sent either by email or SMS. The notifications can be customized so that they fit within the overall branding of your entertainment agency.

With Bookly your clients will love the ease with which they can book acts through your website. You can also remove one of the most time-consuming activities running an entertainment agency – taking bookings and scheduling acts. This gives you more time for attracting new acts and promoting your entertainment booking agency.

What our customers say?

I love the google 2 way sync This is one of those great plugins that just works. Congratulations to the author on a brilliant product. I have purchased several licenses for my clients. They love how easy it is and how flexible it is and the integration.
Very good suport! I am satisfield with this plugin.

As a newby to WP (my first site) they were very patient because they had to explain everything in detail so I knew where to find everything in WP. Quick response from 9 am to 9 pm.


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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

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