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Hip-Hop Booking Agency Appointment Scheduling Solution

Do you run a hip-hop booking agency?

For hip-hop booking agency the hardest part of the job is to take calls, schedule bookings, and making sure each artist is reminded they have an appointment. Many people contact hip hop agencies to get the talent for their parties, events and concerts. An agency is responsible for finding the right talent for the occasion and making sure they reach the event they have been booked to attend.

Scheduling software that allows potential clients to book the talent they require can make the process much simpler. Bookly offers a complete hip-hop booking agency appointment scheduling solution.

No Coding Required

Bookly’s fully responsive and beautifully designed form can be added to the agency’s website just by installing the plugin. You don’t need to hire a developer to integrate this WordPress plugin to your website. If you have a website for your hip-hop booking agency, you can add Bookly to it in no time. Customizing it is pretty simple. You can tweak the form to fit your requirements and choose templates that are suitable for your business. All this can be done in a few minutes.

Appointments Made Easier

Now your potential clients don’t have to call you to ask for availability of the artist, make bookings, or inquire rates. With Bookly, you can provide all the information on your website. You can set minimum cancellation and booking period as well. People can visit your website, get all the information they need, and make a booking from their phone or computer without having to visit your hip-hop booking agency or making a call. Bookly automatically sends them a confirmation message when a booking is made.

Receive Online Payments

Bookly hip-hop booking agency appointment scheduling solution allows you to receive online payments from your clients when they make an appointment. This can ensure the client pays an advance amount for booking the talent. You can add a payment option when you customize your form.

Individual Accounts

This WordPress Plugin lets you edit or cancel appointments from your admin panel. What’s more, you can create individual accounts for all the artists working with your agency. When a client books their time, they will be informed, and their Google calendars will be synchronized with the appointments. You can also collect feedback for all the artists working with your hip-hop booking agency.

Bookly presents a unique hip-hop booking agency appointment scheduling solution that can help you increase the efficiency of the booking process and boost your sales. With this plugin, you can turn your website visitors into regular clients. Try Bookly today!

What our customers say?

The support team is really great and worth the five stars. They are competent, very friendly and have a very good response time. I couldn't be happier how they handled two technical issues. If you are satisfied with the features offered then this is a very solid booking plugin that I can highly recommend.
The best WordPress Booking plugin out there. It works great and is not hard to configurate. The support is very fast and my customer very satisfied. A+++++

Well designed for both admin and user. Works great with my theme.


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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

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Full customization

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