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Online appointment booking for City councils

Looking for the city councils booking system?

City councils have unique requirements for setting and managing appointments for their constituents.

Bookly is designed to meet the needs of online appointment booking for City councils. Bookly is the city councils online booking system that is flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of services that councils provide for people.

Enter council employees schedule

Bookly is perfect for managing multiple employees schedules and matching them up with appointment bookings. You can enter employees of the city council via the Bookly admin panel. People will only be able to make a booking for a particular service when there is an employee available. When a booking is made the employee can be automatically assigned to that booking. You can even track all of the employees current scheduling through the Bookly calendar.

Lower cost booking solution

Many online appointment booking for City councils software solutions are expensive and not user-friendly for non-technical staff. Bookly was designed to be used by everyone, with a simple admin panel, that doesn’t require any coding ability to manage. Bookly is priced to be affordable for a wide range of customers without large upfront or monthly costs.

Manual or automatic approvals available

With Bookly you are always in control of your booking process. You can choose to establish either automatic or manual approvals for bookings made online. If you choose manual, the booking will appear as pending, until it is approved by an administrator. Every booking is stored within your appointment list, where you can filter by current status.

Book online without having to make a phone call

Booking an appointment by phone won’t be convenient for many people. Calling during working hours is often difficult or even impossible. People want to be able to book the services offered by their city council online and at their own convenience. Bookly allows anyone to book a service at any time of the day. They could do this on any device including laptop, desktop or smartphone. The added benefit is this reduces the need for administrative staff to take phone calls and organise bookings.

Get feedback on council employees

Bookly is more than a City councils online booking system solution. It has a wide range of upgrades that can be used to provide additional functionality. By adding the ratings plugin you can get feedback on the city council employees who deliver the service. Customers will be able to leave a star-based rating system. This is a great way to identify which council employees are delivering high quality services for constituents and which may require further training.

Add multiple booking forms to your website

You might have different booking forms for different services offered by the council. With Bookly you can have an unlimited number of booking forms on your website. Administering multiple booking forms is made easy, because all of the appointments will appear on the same Bookly calendar.

Bookly provides a complete online appointment booking for city councils solution. Using Bookly you can be confident that you are providing a booking service that all of your constituents will be able to access easily.

What our customers say?

This extension provide you ability to define special hours for each service. Useful for multiple hours working day like a shop or a restaurant who is open twice a day.
Have been very happy with this WordPress plugin. Updates and new features are released regularly too.

Long time user of Bookly - this software saves us hours of time.


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