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Online Appointment System for Physiologists

Do you run a physiologist clinic?

Somebody who needs to visit a clinical physiologist will already be in significant distress. The last thing that person wants to worry about is making an appointment. Unfortunately for many people the process of booking an appointment with their physiologist only adds to their stress.

Bookly is a physiologist appointment scheduling software which simplifies making appointments. With Bookly patients are put back in control of their ability to make bookings. Bookings can be made on any computer device or smartphone and don’t require making a phone call. With a host of user friendly features and an ultra clean design, Bookly is the online appointment system for physiologists that your clients will love.

Obtain additional information during the booking process

Understanding your patient’s current medical condition is important for making the most of their appointment. Bookly provides a number of ways that customers can provide you with additional information. From the admin panel you can setup additional questions that you want customers to complete when they make their bookings. You can also allow customers to attach files to the booking form. This is a great way for customers to share relevant documents without having to send them in via email.

Take payments when the customer makes their appointment

To run a successful physiologist clinic you need your customers to pay their bills. But billing is rarely the part of the business that physiologist love. With Bookly you can streamline this process by taking payments during the booking process. Bookly comes with PayPal checkout as standard. Additional payment solutions can be easily added by integrating with the free WooCommerce plugin.

Let customers manage their own bookings

Managing customers bookings takes up a lot of employee time that could be better spent elsewhere. With Bookly WordPress booking you empower your customers to set up their own bookings. This lets customers arrange their own appointments when it is convenient for them. With Bookly you are always in control of the process because you establish what times are available and whether an appointment needs to be confirmed manually or automatically.

Avoid customers cancelling at the last minute

Running a busy physiologist clinic you want to make sure that you are making the most of your schedule. Cancelled appointments are a missed opportunity to help another customer who could have taken that slot. Bookly helps you to avoid last minute cancellations. From the admin panel you can choose a minimum period required for cancellations. Customers will only be able to cancel their appointments if it is before this time.

Set reminders and send promotional material

Another way of reducing missed appointments is to remind customers of their scheduled booking. With Bookly you can automate this by sending customers alerts via SMS or email with the details of their appointment. You can also use SMS and email alerts to tell customers about any promotions that you are currently running. This is an excellent way to increase your average customer lifetime value.

Arranging an appointment with a physiologist shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Bookly is the online appointment system for physiologists which your clients will love. With Bookly you can spend less time arranging bookings and taking payments and more time delivering top quality care for your patients. Besides Physiologists, Bookly is widely used as a dental clinic appointment system.

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Great plugin, customizable and friendly user

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