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Online Appointment System for Psychologists

Are you a professional psychologist?

These days it is essential to have an efficient online appointment system for Psychologists. Clients no longer want to have to make appointments by phone or email. Instead they want the ease of booking that on demand apps currently provide.

Many psychologist practices don’t offer easy to use online booking forms because it is viewed as too difficult to set up. This is a lost opportunity, because prospective clients who aren’t offered a convenient way to make a booking, will simply opt for a practice that does provide an online booking form.

Thankfully technical challenges are no longer a barrier for any psychology practice that wants to offer online booking thanks to Bookly. Bookly is a WordPress plugin that lets you setup your own psychologists online booking calendar in minutes. It doesn’t require any coding ability to install and is managed through an intuitive admin panel.

Allow for flexibility on your clients appointment duration

Bookly online patient scheduling software doesn’t lock you in to being only able offer appointments of a set duration. With Bookly you can allow your clients to set the duration of their appointment. This means that if your client needs a two hour appointment this week and a one hour the next, then they can do this without having to arrange with you first. All you need to do is decide when you are available.

Remind clients about their upcoming appointments

When a client makes their booking they will receive a notification either by email or SMS with a confirmation. This reassures clients that their booking is in place. You can also set up reminders using SMS and email which remind your clients that they have an appointment coming up. With Bookly you also don’t have to integrate with any mailing system as this is done by Bookly for you.

Easy to setup and administer

In order to run your own psychologist practice you don’t want to have to be an IT expert. At the same time, you also don’t want to have to hire developer every single time you need to make a change to your website. Bookly is an online appointment system for psychologists that is designed to be very simple to setup and manage. Bookly works with any WordPress website and can be integrated with only a few clicks. Setting up your bookings requires no coding ability. You create your booking availability using an easy to use and intuitive admin panel.

Create custom notifications

With Bookly you can create customized templates for your SMS and email notifications. This is an excellent way of giving your practice a more professional image. Branding your communication can also help to ensure long-term client retention.

Available using any device

Some of your clients will make their appointments using their desktop computer. Others will want to use their tablet or laptop. And a large number will want to book an appointment using their smartphone. Bookly is a responsive booking form that is designed to be simple to use and look great on any device. With Bookly customers get the same booking experience no matter how they choose to make their appointment.

Using Bookly appointment scheduling software you can provide your client with a much simpler way to arrange their next appointment. Having an online booking form relieves you and your staff from the burden of taking and managing appointment, while providing a superior service for your clients. Bookly plugin is trusted by over 24000 clients worldwide and also used as an online scheduling system for chiropractors.

What our customers say?

The plugin is great and the support is quick and professional!

Bookly is really what my client was looking for. Bookly is really thought through. Every function has its purpose - and it works! I totally recommend it if you need a professional booking system on your website!
All right boys, time to go home. We have a winner over here 😀


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More Bookly features

Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

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