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Real Estate Appointment Setting Service

Do you run a real estate business?

As a real estate agent your income is directly tied to the number of clients you are able to show properties to. Booking those clients in a way that doesn’t take up all your time isn’t easy. Customers have become used to on-demand services. When it comes to purchasing a home they expect the same level of online service and convenience. This means being easily able to arrange and book a viewing of a property with a real estate agent.

Bookly is a modern booking real estate appointment setting service which makes it easy for anyone to schedule an appointment.

Make and Manage Bookings On The Go

Bookly was designed for people who work on the go. This makes it an ideal solution for real estate agents who need a booking platform that works with your smartphone. With Bookly you will have full access to the Bookly services from your phone, including the ability to review your calendar and manage appointments.

Dealing with No Shows

One of the plagues of a real estate agents life is no-shows. Most agents have a packed schedule during peak showing times. Buyers that don’t turn up waste valuable time that could be used to show the property. Bookly helps you to significantly reduce the number of people who don’t turn up. Bookly sends SMS and email reminders to clients to remind them of their upcoming viewings and times. You can also set minimum periods for cancellations, which again helps to reduce the number of no-shows.

24/7 Booking Service

As a real estate agent you already have a packed schedule showing properties. You don’t have the time to constantly arrange appointments with potential buyers. What’s more, unless you want to be tied to your phone around the clock, then you need an alternative way of booking appointments. With Bookly you have an easy way for clients to book appointments at any time of the day. Potential buyers will often look at properties in the evening after work. Bookly simplifies the process from viewing the property to booking the appointment. This means no more lost appointments because your office is closed.

No Technical Expertise Required

With Bookly setting up a real estate appointment setting service doesn’t require you to go to a tech expert. Within minutes you can download, install and setup the Bookly plugin, and have in place an automated solution for clients to book an appointment. Bookly has an easy to use interface which makes managing and editing your appointments extremely easy.

Cross-Device Compatible

Modern buyers are just as likely to want to be looking on their smartphone for properties, as they are a desktop computer. Bookly has a sleek, user friendly user interface which is cross device compatible. This means that it is as easy for buyers and sellers to book an appointment on their laptop as it is on their mobile phone.

Track Appointment Dates With Calendar

As a real estate agent you know that a missed appointment could be the difference between a sale and house that stays on the market. But, during a busy day, packed with appointments, it can be easy to lose track of who you are meeting. With Bookly keeping track of your appointments is extremely easy. You will receive reminders of upcoming viewings and rich information about who the booking is with. You can even interact directly with potential customers using the Bookly Calendar.

Real estate sales is a fast changing environment where you need to keep pace with the needs of your clientele. Bookly enables you to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers to conveniently book appointments. At the same time you won’t be tied to your computer, so you can get back to doing what you do best; providing a great service to your customers and selling homes.

What our customers say?

This plugin is very impressive and fairly mature in the features it already offers and the developers have a feature request list you can contribute to, so it appears to have a healthy future. The Google Calendar integration and email notifications, some based on cron scheduling, are real winners when it comes to making a client's business more efficient. The most impressive feature though, is the customer support which was second to none. Denis and Sergei seem to really care about their product and their customers, quite a rare thing.
A great plugin backed up by excellent customer support. Thank you for your work.

We've been using Bookly for over a year now. Even with the add-ons this thing is a huge cost cutter. We're saving man hours and comparable software costs nearly this much EVERY month. If you think you need this, get it. You wont regret it. The devs are constantly rolling out improvements and tightening the code, it really is a great piece of software.


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