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Shuttle Booking Software

Do you provide shuttle services?

The modern consumer wants to make a shuttle booking as simple as possible. On-demand apps have habituated customers to the idea that booking services should be convenient and possible from any device. If customers struggle to make shuttle booking, then they will switch to a shuttle service which easy to use.

Bookly is the shuttle booking software that has the flexibility to handle all of these requirements. With Bookly customers can book their shuttle using the device of their choice. They can make that booking any time of the day without having to make a phone call. And they can be confident that their shuttle booking has been confirmed when they receive an immediate booking confirmation via email or SMS.

Take payments and deposits

Making sure that payments are handled correctly and efficiently is a key part of running a shuttle service. Bookly simplifies this process by letting you take payments during the booking process. Bookly comes out of the box with PayPal checkout included. Using the built-in WooCommerce integration you can add in dozens of other payment options. Bookly lets you choose whether to take full payment for the shuttle service or just a deposit.

Match bookings with driver availability

Bookly enables you to enter the dates and time that your drivers are available to take bookings. Customers will only be able to make a booking when a driver has an available slot. Through the calendar you will be able to see at a glance which drivers are available and what bookings have been confirmed. This simplifies managing a team of drivers.

Get feedback on the drivers

Providing a great experience for your customers is essential for running a successful shuttle service. But keeping track of how your drivers are performing isn’t always easy. Bookly can be enhanced with the Ratings add-on that makes it simple to get accurate and immediate feedback from your customers. Customers can rate your drivers after they have completed their drop-off, which you will be able to see through the admin panel.

Provide a unique login for customers

Customers want to make sure that they are able to easily access their shuttle pickup and dropoff details. With Bookly you can provide each of your customers with a unique Bookly login. Using this login they will be able to see all of the details about their shuttle booking. Not only is this more convenient for your customers, it also cuts down on administration requests for this information.

Use SMS and email reminders to keep your customers informed

Customers don’t want to miss their travel arrangements. Keeping them informed about the departure time for their shuttle service is therefore very important. With Bookly you can automate this process with SMS and email reminders. These can be used to confirm bookings and to remind customers about their upcoming shuttle appointment. Managing shuttle bookings doesn’t have to be difficult. By integrating Bookly with your website you have a shuttle service booking system that is able to meet all of the needs of your customers and simplify your workflow.

What our customers say?


Fantastic plugin with great and fast support! A must have! I tried a lot plugins before i started using Bookly. And this is state of the art.
Fabulous product .. gave us all we needed! Excellent work people!


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