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Solution to book movers online

Do you run a moving company?

When shifting homes customers want to be able to book their moving service online. They want to be able to see at a glance when a mover is available and then make that booking straight away.

Bookly is a booking solution that let’s customers book movers online quickly and easily. Working with any WordPress website it is simple to set-up and doesn’t require a developer to integrate it with the website. Bookly is much more than a way for customers to book movers online. It provides a host of features to meet the needs of packing and moving companies including taking payments and organising employees schedules.

Calendar for organising dates and logistics

Bookly features a fully integrated calendar which you and your clients can use for organising moving dates and logistics. Not only can the customer schedule movers online, they can track their appointment through their own unique user account.

Addons for up-selling services

The booking process is a great time to make customers aware of additional services that you may offer. Bookly makes it easy for customers to add in these additional services to their order. For example, if you offer packing supplies, you could offer these when the client books their moving date.

Online quotation for packers and movers

With Bookly you can set pricing for appointments. You can even vary pricing depending on the day of the week and time. This allows your customers to get an instant online quotation for packing and moving. If the customer is happy with the price that has been offered, they will be able to make a payment straight away.

Ask for a deposit

You can use Bookly to request a deposit when the client is booking their date. This helps to avoid missed bookings and streamlines payments. If you prefer you can even take full payment for the move during the initial booking. Bookly supports a host of the internet’s most popular online payment solutions including Stripe and PayPal.

Automatically set your employees availability

Managing a team of movers and packers used to require a lot of scheduling. With Bookly you no longer need to manually track your movers schedules. Simply add their availability to the booking calendar. Customers will only be able to book packers and movers online when an employee is available.

Get feedback to improve your service

Happy customers and referrals are one of the easiest ways to build your moving business. With Bookly you can request feedback and let customers rate your employers. Find out which movers and packers are best representing your company and which ones need help improving.

Set the duration of the move

Bookly allows you to choose the duration of the move. This can be varied according to the needs of the specific type of move. You can also set a buffer on each side of the appointment to allow for travel time or setting up.

Bookly has been designed to meet all of the requirements needed by a moving and packing company. Bookly doesn’t just avoid having to hire a full-time employee to answer the phone and schedule bookings. With Bookly you not only have access to an easy to use booking platform, you also can take payments and organise your movers schedules.

What our customers say?

The best booking plugin ever! A lot of fantastic addons and rockstar support team

Bookly allows you to pay for the reservation system through non-standard payment gateways by integrating with the Woocommerce system. In my case, the booking system is a rather cumbersome three-layer cake, but thanks to the excellent work of the Bookly support service, this cake is not only edible but also tasty - the booking system based on Bokly works well - and customers are satisfied with it.
Hands down user-friendly w/ great customer care!

Abdul Waseem Mohammed

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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

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