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Swimming pool booking system

Do you run a swimming club?

Booking time at a swimming pool shouldn’t be difficult. Unfortunately, for many swimmers the experience of making a swimming pool booking is often unnecessarily difficult. Bookings typically need to be made either in person or by calling by phone. Neither of these ways of making a swimming pool booking is ideal for busy people who have jobs, study or families to take care of.

Bookly is the swimming pool booking system which makes it easy for swimmers to book time at their local pool. With Bookly swimmers can make a swimming pool booking using their computer or smartphone. Bookings don’t require an in-person visit or calling the swimming pool facility.

Using the Bookly swimming pool booking software is not only more convenient for swimmers, it also simplifies bookings for pool managers. Having Bookly setup on your website reduces, or eliminate, the need for staff to take phone call bookings. Bookly also allows you to see the current bookings at a glance through the calendar feature. Bookly is also much more than a simple swimming pool booking system. The swimming pool booking software has a host of useful features including equipment booking, payment and notification options.

Book equipment

Your customers may want to hire tools, goggles, towels and other related equipment. Bookly is flexible enough to allow customers to hire these when they are making their booking. With Bookly you provide a simple way for customers to get everything they need when visiting your swimming pool.

Manage shared spaces

Your facility may have shared spaces that you want to offer in addition to offering swimming pool booking. This could include the use of a sauna or a sports area. With Bookly you can setup the ability to make bookings for these shared spaces all using the same booking form.

Complete bookings online

With Bookly customers can book use of the swimming pool and other facilities day or night. They can make those bookings using whatever device they like including smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. And because of the flexibility and automation that Bookly provides for its swimming pool booking system, customers won’t need to email or call to make special requests.

Choose a flexible duration

Customers won’t all want to book the use of your swimming pool facilities for the same length of time. Bookly allows you to offer different durations for booking. This enables your customers to choose exactly how long they need access to the facilities for.

Set confirmation notifications

The Bookly swimming pool booking software allows you to integrate notifications that are delivered via SMS or email. This lets swimmers know when an appointment has been confirmed and makes it easy to find the details of their booking. You can also set reminder notifications so that swimmers don’t miss their booked slot.

Take payments for access to the pool

With Bookly customers can make payment when they book in access to the swimming pool facility. This avoids having to take card and cash payments actually at the pool. Bookly comes with the ability to take payments using PayPal checkout. With add-ons, you are able to integrate other payment gateways including Authorize.net and Stripe.

Managing swimming pool bookings shouldn’t be difficult. With Bookly you can simplify swimming pool bookings for both yourself and your customers. Bookly lets swimmers spend less time arranging their booking and more time enjoying your pool.

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