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Talent agency booking software

Do you run a talent agency?

Managing the demands of your clients and talent isn’t always easy. Taking bookings and organising the schedules of your talent takes a considerable amount of time. Having to constantly take calls from clients and organise bookings can lead to burnout. Not to mention this is time that might be better spent on growing your talent agency.

Luckily there is an easier way. Bookly is a talent agency booking software that makes managing your talent agency bookings easy. Whether you are handling talent agency group bookings or single acts, Bookly has the features you need. With Bookly you have access to a talent agency booking software that can take bookings any time of day or night.

Bookly doesn’t just free you from your phone. It’s a booking solution that your clients and talent will love as well. With Bookly customers can make bookings without having to reach you on their phone. They can make payment during the booking process and receive confirmation by SMS or email that their booking has been made.

Set a flexible duration for the event

Not every event that your talent gets booked for is going to last the same length of time. With Bookly you have the ability to set the potential duration of an event. The customer can then choose how long they will require the talent for. This helps to automate the booking process, so that you don’t have to get involved.

Create separate account for your talent

You can create separate user accounts for each of the talents that you represent. From these accounts the talent will be able to manage their own bookings, services and information. This lets you get back to the business of running and promoting your talent agency.

Easy to add to any WordPress website

Bookly is easily added to a WordPress website. At the same time Bookly’s flexible customization options allow you to tailor your booking form so that it sits within the existing branding of your website. The Bookly form offers a simple, clean design that is very intuitive for your customers. Having been used and tested by hundreds of thousands of people, you can be confident that with Bookly you will have a booking form that customers won’t have trouble completing.

Take payments for your booking

Bookly is not only a talent agency booking software, it also allows you to take and process payments. The Bookly plugin has inbuilt functionality to process PayPal payments. With an easy to add upgrade you can access an even wider range of payment options including Stripe and Authorize.net.

Keep your customers informed with notifications

Bookly lets your customer know when they can expect the talent to arrive at their event with automated SMS and email notifications. Using the Bookly notification templates you can customise these messages to reflect the branding of your agency. Using SMS and email notifications reduces confusions and ensures your customers are confident and happy throughout the entire process.

Running a talent agency doesn’t have to be a struggle. With Bookly making and managing appointments for your talent couldn’t be easier.

What our customers say?

Coolest plug in ever!!! Used for leasing appointment scheduling.

Customer support set my problem very quickly. When Bookly run, this product is extraordinary and makes life easier
Very good job!


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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

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