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Web studios WordPress appointment plugin

Do you run a web studio?

If you are looking for a web studios WordPress appointment plugin then you have come to the right place. Web and design studios have to deal with a lot of clients, some need work done on bigger projects and some need small tasks done. The biggest task is to make sure all clients get the time they need to inform the designers of their requirements, check the work done and provide feedback for changes.

If there is an online booking system in place that can allow clients to make appointments without calling or waiting in line, it can considerably reduce the load on employees, and avoid the risk of clients leaving unsatisfied. Bookly presents the perfect web studios WordPress appointment plugin that can be quickly integrated into your website, easily customized, and is mobile-friendly.

Quick and Easy Appointments

Bookly allows your clients to make an appointment at any time of the day and from any device. The people who visit your website would get the option to book a time slot to meet the concerned developers and designers. You can customize the form according to your requirements. Clients do not have to call or wait at the office for their turn; they can book a slot from the website. It is also a cost-effective solution for your booking problems. Bookly helps you save precious time and money.

Separate Accounts

This web studios WordPress appointment plugin gives you the freedom to create individual admin accounts for multiple employees. This way client can book a meeting with the concerned professional directly. Your employees would be able to edit and cancel meetings. Bookly synchronizes the appointments with the employee’s Google Calendar. Clients can also leave feedback for the employees and you can evaluate their performance based on the analytics report generated by Bookly.

Increase Your Sales

Bookly helps you increase the efficiency of the scheduling process. It can reduce the stress of making appointments or hiring a front desk employee to answer client queries. Clients can directly book a time slot through the website. By adding this web studios WordPress appointment plugin to your website you can get more clients, increase your productivity and considerably enhance your profits.

Bookly is full of interesting features that can turn your website visitors into clients. This plugin allows you to set templates for messages, set minimum time for bookings and cancellations, edit and change bookings, automatically send emails and reminders to the clients, and do much more. Give this plugin a try and you would not regret adding it to your website.

What our customers say?

It is apparent that there has been a very good thought process behind designing this plugin. I tested many plugins to add the online booking functionality to my website, and Bookly was the obvious winner. It provides a beautiful interface as well as a smooth client experience from choosing a service category, to the service, staff, etc. I am also very happy with their timely professional level of support.
It is an easy to integrate booking solution and offers all the features that I need. I had to buy the custom fields add-on to have it do exactly what I want and I might need the coupons and a payment add-on later but given its moderate price I think It is a fair deal that you can exactly buy the features that you need and don't have to pay for the whole shop.

This product is for sure the ultimate booking tool for WordPress. I've tried many and this has been by far the best. It allows us to do so much that we've needed and it has a great design as well. We had a huge rise in customer sign-ups since implementing Bookly. Thanks a ton!


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Requires no coding experience

User-friendly admin panel

Responsive layout

SMS notifications

Full customization

Customer management tools

Mobile-friendly form

Staff logins

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