Personal Customer Cabinet for clients

With a personal user account, your clients have convenient access to view and manage their booked appointments and update their personal information. By utilizing this feature, your clients can return to your website at any time to perform the following actions:

  • Appointments History: Clients can view their comprehensive appointments history, providing them with a record of their past interactions with your business;
  • Appointment Details: All pertinent details related to each appointment, such as status, price, assigned staff member, service, and payment;
  • Reschedule or Cancel Bookings: Clients have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel their bookings directly through their user account, allowing them to manage their appointments based on their preferences and availability;
  • Update Personal Information: Clients can easily modify their name, email address, phone number, customer information (if the Customer Information (Add-on) is active), WordPress password, and other relevant fields. This ensures that their profile remains accurate and up to date;
  • Profile Deletion: If desired, clients have the option to delete their customer profile from the user account.