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Bookly Change Log



  • Fixed creating/editing services

15.0 (read more here)

14.9 (read more here)

  • Added support for Invoices (Add-on)
  • Added support for Taxes (Add-on)
  • Added support for Google Maps Address (Add-on)
  • Added ability to enter customer’s address in booking form
  • Added ability to enter customer’s date of birth in booking form
  • Added ability to set the order for payment options display on the front-end
  • Added new warning messages on the back-end when service is booked beyond the service/staff schedule
  • Added ability to login with Facebook
  • Added ability to make email field not required in booking form
  • Added new currency BAM (Bosnian Convertible Marka)
  • Fixed an error when displaying price in WooCommerce cart
  • Fixed an error when ‘Notes’ field value was not saved during the booking with WooCommerce cart

14.8 (read more here)

  • Added support for Compound Services (Add-on)
  • Added support for Customer Information (Add-on)
  • Added support for Ratings (Add-on)
  • Added new Analytics tab in Bookly menu
  • Added ability to filter payments based on their statuses
  • Added ability to set the format for displaying negative prices
  • Added ability to attach appointment to the existing payment
  • Added new currency GHS Ghanaian cedi
  • Added new currency CUC (cuban peso)
  • Improved the UX in Staff members tab
  • Fixed an error with phone number incorrect displaying in booking form with RTL
  • Fixed an issue with WPML translations
  • Fixed issues with custom notifications


  • Fixed warning message in updater

14.6 (read more here)

  • Added support for Customer Groups (Add-on)
  • Added support for Files (Add-on)
  • Added ability to manually adjust payment details
  • Added ability to display time zone switcher in booking form
  • Added support for WPML for custom notifications
  • Added new warning message when deleting items involved in upcoming appointments
  • Improved the UX when adding new custom notification
  • Fixed a XSS vulnerability
  • Fixed an issue between Bookly and WPML
  • Fixed an issue with combined notifications
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating appointments in WooCommerce cart


  • Fixed issue with Custom Fields after previous update

14.4 (read more here)

  • Added new custom notifications
  • Added ability to create appointments with custom service
  • Added new shortcode for cancellation confirmation page

14.3 (read more here)

  • Added support for Waiting List (Add-on)
  • Added support for Packages (Add-on)
  • Added ability to create custom notifications
  • Added ability to limit number of bookings per customer
  • Added new notification code {reject_appointment_url}

14.2 (read more here)

  • Fixed issues with entering purchase code
  • Fixed issues with cron reminders

14.1 (read more here)

  • Added ability to enter first name and last name of customers separately
  • Added ability to specify a rule about how staff members should be automatically selected when customers choose “Any”
  • Added word “Any” to staff name in the appointments for which the staff member was booked as “Any”


  • Added support for WordPress 4.8.2

13.9 (read more here)

  • Added ability to set price format
  • Added ability to automatically fill in personal information for returning customers at Details step
  • Changed the way how Bookly identifies returning customers – now it uses phone if phone field is required, otherwise email is used


  • Fixed issue with extras and GC


  • Fixed issues with login form at Details step


  • Fixed regression bugs with WooCommerce and WPML


  • Fixed issues with PHP < 5.5

13.4 (read more here)

  • Added ability to configure displayed appointment info in Bookly calendar
  • Added ability to set minimum service capacity
  • Added 3 new cron reminders
  • Added ability to show service duration next to service name in Bookly forms
  • Added support for WP Super Cache (do not cache pages with Bookly forms)
  • Improved support for daylight saving time


  • Added support for Staff Cabinet (Add-on)
  • Added ability to setup custom CSS
  • Added ability to set phone field as optional
  • Added new texts for Payment step in Appearance
  • Fixed displaying morning slots of night shift


  • Added support for PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on)
  • Added ability to set service duration in days
  • Added ability to set different text for Next button at each booking step


  • Added customer birthday greetings
  • Added ability to change appointment status directly from the edit appointment dialog
  • Fixed status Rejected for those who got version 13.0 via update


  • Added support for Recurring Appointments (Add-on)
  • Added new status Rejected for appointments
  • Added ability to send notifications for deleted appointments
  • Added buttons for quick access to Bookly documentation and support team



  • Fixed Google Calendar error: “Could not json decode the token”


  • Updated Stripe library to version 4.2.0
  • Fixed payments amount in the list of customers
  • Fixed an issue with adding customers to appointments with cancelled participants


  • Fixed time zone issue in cron notifications



  • Added support for Special Hours (Add-on)
  • Fixed issue with Next button at Payments step
  • Fixed lags on staff members’ schedule page



  • Added records in Bookly for payments made with WooCommerce
  • Added compatibility of Deposit Payments (Add-on) with WooCommerce
  • Added new currency KES
  • Fixed unnecessary requests to SMS server


  • Fixed issue with daylight saving time and Google Calendar
  • Fixed formatting for {next_day_agenda}


  • Fixed updating list of services when category is selected
  • Fixed an issue with linking coupons and services
  • For users of Deposit Payments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.1


  • Added support for custom SMS sender IDs
  • Added locations and extras in staff agenda notifications
  • Added creating appointments for WooCommerce orders with status “On Hold”
  • Added cancellation of appointments for refunded/cancelled WooCommerce orders
  • For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.3



  • Added creating appointments when WooCommerce order with status “Processing” is created
  • Fixed an issue with private services provided by public staff members


  • Added new currency PKR
  • Fixed linking new coupons with services
  • Fixed updating list of services when location is selected
  • Fixed an issue with including Bookly assets in HTTPS pages


  • Fixed saving appointments for some server configurations
  • Minor CSS adjustments


  • Added ability to link coupons with services
  • Added new setting to show/hide service price next to employee name
  • Added more codes to WooCommerce cart item data
  • Added new currency BHD
  • For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.7
  • For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.1




  • Added code [[PAYMENT_TYPE]] in notifications
  • Added ability to delete payments
  • Added ability to display custom fields in appointments list on the front-end
  • Fixed an issue with Google Calendar integration when days were marked as fully booked


  • Fixed time zone issue in WooCommerce orders
  • CSS adjustments
  • For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.4


  • Minor CSS adjustments


  • Added “Test Email Notifications” tool
  • Fixed JS error at Extras step


  • Fixed time zone issue when the first step of booking is skipped
  • Fixed navigation with Back button from cart
  • For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.3


  • Fixed appointment time in notifications to clients



  • Added ability to print appointments list
  • Fixed minor issues with appointments list filter


  • Added booking numbers
  • Added new filters in Appointments
  • Added combined notifications for built-in cart
  • Added payment details
  • Added ability for staff members to approve appointments from email or SMS notifications
  • Added ability to hide particular staff members and services in booking form
  • Added internal note for appointments
  • Updated Authorize.Net to support Akamai network
  • For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.1


  • Added ability to make staff selection required in the first step of booking
  • Added new currency LAK
  • Fixed padding for Google Calendar events
  • Fixed translation into German


  • Fixed selecting staff member in shortcode


  • Added new setting “Cancel appointment action”
  • Fixed regression bug in cron notifications
  • Fixed auto-scroll when going back to the first step of booking
  • Fixed custom fields order in appointments export


  • Added appointment statuses (pending, approved, cancelled)
  • Added new notification types for each appointment status
  • Added ability to reorder cart columns
  • Fixed displaying available days in calendar at the Time step


  • Added new currency ARS
  • Fixed minor issues with scrolling of time slots on mobile
  • Fixed displaying Google Calendar errors


  • Added new currency XOF
  • Fixed time zone issue in WooCommerce when “Display available time slots in client’s time zone” is enabled


  • Important! If you are using Bookly Multisite add-on you need to update it to version 1.1 or higher
  • Added support for Bookly Service Extras add-on
  • Added support for Mollie (iDEAL payments available)
  • Added ability to set reminders sending time
  • Added ability to show/hide columns in built-in cart
  • Added ability to insert textual content in custom fields


  • Added ability to bind custom fields to services
  • Added export of clients
  • Added new field Info in staff member profile
  • Added new codes [[STAFF_INFO]] and [[GOOGLE_CALENDAR_URL]] in Notifications


  • Added pagination for [bookly-appointments-list] shortcode
  • Added ability to edit button labels in Appearance
  • Added new currency ISK
  • Fixed PHP warnings when paying with PayPal


  • Added filling WooCommerce checkout form with data from Bookly details step
  • Fixed sending notifications when all payment methods are disabled


  • Added built-in cart
  • Added 45 min slots
  • Added support for Payson invoice
  • Added new currencies AED, HRK, VND, NGN and UAH


  • Added new setting “Minimum time requirement prior to cancellation”
  • Added support for WPML in custom fields
  • Added support for WPML in scheduled notifications
  • Added Auto-Recharge in Bookly SMS
  • Added notification about low balance in Bookly SMS
  • Improved back navigation when “Any” is selected for staff member


  • Fixed an issue with validating emails
  • Fixed a problem with booking when reaching the limit of capacity



  • Fixed an issue with cancelling appointments in Google Calendar


  • Fixed an issue with Google_Service_Exception


  • Fixed regression bugs in custom fields and time zones


  • Added Payson payment gateway
  • Added PayU Latam payment gateway
  • Added support for RTL
  • Added payment information in Calendar and Appointments
  • Fixed conflict with Ultimate Member plugin


  • Fixed issue with service name in PayPal


  • Removed shipping address in PayPal
  • Added OMR currency
  • Fixed issues with “padding” of services
  • Fixed issue with switching months in calendar at the second step


  • Updated Dutch and Swedish translations
  • Fixed conflict with some themes due to hex2rgb function


  • Fixed inserting shortcode


  • Added 2Checkout payment gateway
  • Added captcha to custom fields
  • Added ability to disable country selection in phone field
  • Added ability to hide week days and/or time range in the first step of booking
  • Added support for Stripe.js
  • Now Bookly takes into account only Google Calendar events with status “busy”
  • Fixed some issues with WPML and double bookings in WooCommerce cart


  • Fixed disabling SMS and email notifications


  • Added padding time
  • Fixed regression bugs with credit card payments
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS and detecting client’s country by IP


  • Added support for night shifts
  • Fixed “<br/>” in company address in emails sent as plain text
  • Fixed issue with the second step not loading when “Show calendar” is enabled


  • Added time slot lengths up to 6 hours
  • Added new setting to send emails as plain text
  • Added new setting to set clients’ email as “reply to” address in email notifications
  • Improved the second step of booking when “Show calendar” is enabled


  • Fixed wrong dates in the popup back-end calendar for time zones behind UTC
  • Fixed time-text in vertical axis of the back-end calendar


  • Added ‘All day’ services
  • Added new code [[LOGIN_FORM]] to the Details step of booking so users can log in at that step
  • Added ability to choose staff members in the back-end calendar
  • Back-end calendar now remembers active view and staff members
  • Added ability to translate category, service and staff member names with WPML


  • Added ability to view appointments of all staff members in the back-end calendar
  • Added ability to navigate to specific dates in the back-end calendar
  • Added ability to edit appointments in the list
  • Fixed issue with displaying dates in calendar at the second step of booking


  • Added support for WPML
  • Added month view in the back-end calendar
  • Added ability to select country in the phone field
  • Added [[STAFF_NAME]] in staff agenda templates
  • Fixed “<br/>” in company address in SMS


  • Fixed issue with popups in the back-end on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with “No time is available for booking”


  • Added SMS notifications
  • Added reusable coupons
  • Added deduction parameter in coupons
  • Added support for database backup/transfer plugins
  • Added ability to specify what information should be placed in Google Calendar event title
  • Added new setting for choosing how Bookly assets should be included in the page (may be helpful in some themes)
  • Improved the look and feel of the admin panel elements
  • Fixed email notifications when WooCommerce is enabled


  • Added ability to use WooCommerce cart with free services
  • Fixed conflict with other plugins that change default time zone in WordPress
  • Fixed issues with Google Calendar events when “Show blocked timeslots” is enabled


  • Updated Authorize.Net library
  • Added support for working hours up to midnight
  • Added translation into Italian
  • Fixed issue with displaying days off in calendar at the second step
  • Fixed problem with creating `ab_email_notification` table in database
  • Fixed E_STRICT error message


  • Added ability to delete associated WordPress user when deleting customer
  • Added restoring selected week days when going back to the first step of booking
  • Fixed creating new staff members
  • Fixed minor cosmetic issues


  • Added integration with WooCommerce
  • Added new option to allow staff members to edit their profile settings
  • Added auto scroll when the next step’s content is outside of screen


  • Security update to prevent XSS vulnerability
  • Fixed issue with extra slot being excluded when fetching events from Google Calendar


  • Fixed problem with initialization of Bookly in some themes


  • Fixed displaying booking forms in IE9
  • Fixed displaying PayPal errors
  • Fixed bug with repeating days when “Show each day in one column” is enabled


  • Added new code [[CUSTOM_FIELDS_2C]] in Notifications for 2 column formatting ([[CUSTOM_FIELDS]] reverted to old formatting)
  • Fixed issues when creating WP user for logged in customer or not logged in customer uses existing name and email


  • Added ability to assign WP users to customers when editing or creating a new customer
  • Added translation into Dutch


  • Added ability to create WP accounts for customers
  • Added new shortcode for viewing and cancelling customers’ appointments in the front-end
  • Added cancelled appointment notifications
  • Added ability to view appointments as a list in the admin panel
  • Added ability to use HTML tags in Appearance and Custom Fields
  • Improved time zones support


  • Added new selection “Number of persons” in the first step of booking
  • Added new appearance setting “Show calendar”
  • Added new codes [[NUMBER_OF_PERSONS]] and [[TOTAL_PRICE]]
  • Added new currency COP
  • Fixed time in scheduled email notifications when “Display available time slots in client’s time zone” is enabled


  • Added translation into German
  • Added new currency SAR
  • Fixed time in email notifications to clients (regression bug)
  • Fixed an issue when Bookly output is affected by “wpautop”


  • Added new setting to limit the number of fetched events from Google Calendar for 2 way sync
  • Fixed displaying time slots with big time zone offset
  • Fixed a problem with Google Calendar integration (regression bug)


  • Added new setting to restrict the number of days available for booking
  • Added new code [[CANCEL_APPOINTMENT_URL]]
  • Added new currency CLP
  • Fixed the number of displayed time slots at step 2


  • Added ability to reorder items in the lists of services, categories and staff members
  • Added new appearance settings – “Show blocked timeslots” and “Show each day in one column”
  • Fixed regression bugs in the drop down lists in the first step of booking form


  • Added custom fields in export
  • Added new codes [[STAFF_PHOTO]], [[STAFF_EMAIL]], [[STAFF_PHONE]] in email notifications
  • Added option to enable just 1 way sync with Google Calendar
  • Added ability to change “I will pay locally”


  • Added [[CUSTOM_FIELDS]] code in email notifications
  • Added copying custom fields to Google Calendar event
  • Added displaying custom fields’ values in Bookly calendar when capacity is 1
  • Fixed issue when loading lots of events from Google Calendar for step 2


  • Added custom fields (Note that [[CLIENT_NOTES]] has been removed from email notifications)
  • Added support for 100% discount coupons
  • Added payment description in PayPal invoice
  • Fixed export to CSV


  • Fixed popup box issue in calendar in WordPress 4.1
  • Fixed [[CATEGORY_NAME]] in email notifications


  • Fixed redirect after PayPal payment


  • Added minimum time requirement prior to booking from 1 to 48 hours
  • Fixed caching problems on WP Engine hosting
  • Fixed auto selection of newly created customer in the calendar


  • Added option to hide date and time selection at the first step
  • Fixed import of customers


  • Fixed setting GC calendar ID
  • Fixed regression bugs


  • Added 2 way sync with Google Calendar via new API
  • Added coupons
  • Restored notes in the back-end calendar when capacity is 1


  • Added new replacement [[SERVICE_PRICE]] for email notifications
  • Added delimiter setting for import from CSV
  • Fixed regression bug in export to Google Calendar


  • Fixed regression bug in cron notifications
  • Fixed regression bug in displaying price next to employee name


  • Added support for multiple bookings
  • Added 5, 10 and 12 minutes time slots
  • Added taking in account Google Calendar events when displaying available time slots
  • Added pre populating name and email for logged in customers
  • Added sorting categories, services and employees alphabetically


  • Fixed displaying step 5 after PayPal payment (regression bug)


  • Fixed bug when deleting appointment after cancellation
  • Fixed bug in displaying customers list


  • Fixed [[CATEGORY_NAME]] in cron notifications
  • Fixed service selection when go backwards
  • Fixed regression bugs


  • Since this version Bookly requires at least PHP 5.3
  • Added new payment method – Stripe
  • Skip payment step for free services
  • Fixed issues with HTTPS
  • Fixed cancellation link for appointments created in the back-end


  • Added Authorize.net support
  • Added new replacement [[CATEGORY_NAME]] both in appearance and email notifications settings
  • Bug fixes


  • WordPress 4.0 support
  • Fixed translation into French
  • Fixed cron notifications
  • Fixed Google Calendar formatting
  • Clear plugin data upon uninstalling


  • Added automatic export to Google Calendar
  • Added time zones support
  • Added time slot length setting
  • Added customer search field when editing appointment
  • Added cancel appointment link
  • Added 22 new currencies
  • Added ability to edit form labels
  • Added ability to enter CSS code for main color
  • Added setting to disable last minute appointments
  • Added export appointments feature
  • Added import customers feature
  • Fixed first day of week


  • Added new field Notes at Details step
  • Added RUB, SEK, DKK
  • Fixed date and time in email notifications on non-English web sites


  • New replacement [[STAFF_NAME]] in Appearance (old replacements [[BY_SERVICE_PROVIDER_NAME]] and [[BY_STAFF_NAME]] are deprecated)
  • Translation into French
  • Fixed bug with datepicker on non-English web sites


  • Fixed sending emails to staff
  • Updated translations


  • Added decimal prices
  • Don’t display non-working days
  • Bug fixes