Bookly items Support Policy

The Support Policy describes what support you can expect from us in regards to Customer Service.

General information

Our support team strives to provide support for both free and paid Bookly versions, but we cannot always guarantee active support on the forums, as we prioritize users who bought Bookly Pro add-on and have an active item support subscription.

Our support team can provide support to help you configure the plugin’s settings, resolve issues/errors and assistance with reported bugs.

Our general response time can be up to 2 business days although we strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Item support

Since we’re selling Bookly products at CodeCanyon only, we follow the rules set by Envato Market and provide support to users with an active item support subscription. You can read more about Envato Market rules on item support here.

We do NOT provide support to customers using Booky Pro without an active item support subscription. If your item support subscription on Bookly Pro has expired, please consider renewing it. Here’s how to renew your item support:

If you use multiple Bookly products (e.g., Bookly Pro + Add-ons), we will provide support to all of your Bookly products as long as you have an active item support subscription on Bookly Pro. But we do NOT provide support to Bookly add-ons if your item support on Bookly Pro has expired because in most cases we also troubleshoot Bookly Pro when troubleshooting its add-ons.

What’s included in item support

  • Answering questions about how to use the plugin
  • Answering technical questions about the plugin’s built-in features and functionality
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Updates to ensure the item works as described

What’s not included in item support

  • Installation services
  • Customization services
  • Support for customized versions of the plugin
  • Answering questions about third-party plugins

How to submit a ticket

If you need help setting up or configuring your plugin, it’s recommended to visit Bookly Help Center and check our video tutorials first. Your question might have been answered already. If it hasn’t, please submit a ticket via

If you want to speed up a process of resolving an issue, please include your purchase code for Bookly Pro and WP admin and FTP access into your initial request.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you add additional comments and information via the one ticket only. We kindly ask you NOT to submit a new ticket with the same concern because it delays the response time.

Refund Policy

Please check this link regarding the refund procedure:

Before you ask for a refund, please refer to Envato Market Refund Rules to be informed of the situations when Envato is not obliged to give refunds.

We do not issue refunds for item support subscription if you decide to cancel it after the purchase is confirmed.

Other details

Bookly team has the right to decline support if the user is violating our support policy which may include refusal to provide purchase codes for Bookly items, disrespectful attitude towards our support agents, offensive language, flooding our public forums.

This Support Policy is effective from 1 February 2019 and may be amended from time to time.