Unlimited list of tasks

Let customers book appointments without selecting a specific date and time, allowing them to schedule later. With the Bookly’s Tasks feature, you can easily create and manage a list of tasks in the Appointments section of your Bookly admin area.


  • Unlimited task list: Create a backlog of tasks that can be converted into appointments once the date and time are determined.
  • Centralized task management: Keep track of all your unscheduled bookings, upcoming reservations, and to-dos in one convenient location – Bookly admin panel.
  • Date and time skipping: Enable clients to bypass the date and time selection process on the front-end.
  • Backend appointment assignment: As an administrator or staff member, you have the ability to assign a suitable time slot for the customer in the backend, ensuring efficient scheduling.
  • Task completion tracking: Mark off completed tasks in the system, maintaining an organized overview of your progress. Additionally, you can send notifications to customers once their task has been completed, keeping them informed every step of the way.