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See what’s new in Bookly 14.3

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The latest Bookly 14.3 version introduces new features, updates, and improvements, the majority of which were requested by our customers to make Bookly better.

Support for Bookly Waiting list add-on

With this add-on, you can add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked. That way, when an appointment becomes available, you can fill it immediately. This way you avoid losing the time and money.

More details in our documentation.

Available for purchase here.

Support for Bookly Packages add-on

You can offer your clients a package of services and set discounts to encourage more sales and increase customer loyalty. Now they can book a series of their favourite services in one package, making it easier for them and for you.

More details in our documentation.

Available for purchase here.

Create your own email/SMS templates: Custom notifications

Create your own templates for emails and text messages right from the Bookly menu. Custom notifications may include all booking information, appointment status changes, reminders, etc., and can be configured to be sent to customers, staff, or administrators.

Read more about this feature in our documentation.

Ability to limit the number of bookings per customer

This feature allows you to limit the frequency of service bookings per customer. All you need is just set the number of appointments and the period in Bookly menu > Services > [service card].

New notification code {reject_appointment_url}

You can set the URL of a page that is shown to staff after they rejected an appointment.


Watch this video to discover main Bookly capabilities and settings.

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