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Major Update. Introducing Bookly and Bookly Pro.

Currently, we have two separate plugins: Bookly Lite and Bookly paid version. From the business standpoint, both solutions are designed to enhance your website and bring the process of booking and appointments setting to the new level. Bookly has over 20 000 installations and is widely used across Healthcare, Beauty, Education and Fitness industries, as [...]

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Bookly v15.0: important updates to keep up with GDPR and new add-ons for effective online scheduling

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some important updates aimed at speeding up and improving the plugin’s work. We also fully support the new international data privacy standards so that we’ve updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Starting from v15.0, Bookly stores only depersonalized information about SMS users in compliance with [...]

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Bookly v14.9: login with Facebook, client address in a booking form, support for new add-ons and much more

Thanks for sharing your feedback, posting reviews and reporting bugs. We read all of them, fix issues, make updates, and most important – we keep working on the functionality you’ve been requesting on our forum. So, meet the new version 14.9 of Bookly – the best Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System. Ability to login [...]

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Bookly v14.8: built-in Analytics tab, new add-ons, UX improvements and capabilities for easy online booking

To improve your experience, we regularly develop new features and enhance the plugin’s capabilities so that you can take full advantage of Bookly – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System. Make sure you don’t miss a thing and get the latest version of Bookly. Updates coming in Bookly 14.8 include: New Analytics tab in Bookly [...]

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Bookly v14.6: new add-ons, payment manual adjustment, new timezone switcher in booking form

We’re happy to introduce the newest Bookly update. Our latest version 14.6 comes with new features to offer you handy capabilities for efficient online scheduling. We released a couple of new add-ons for Bookly which provide you with new options for deeper customization of your online booking system. We’ve added support for Customer Groups Add-on [...]

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Bookly v14.4: Custom notifications & Custom appointments

The newest version of Bookly comes with the following features which make our online scheduling system more flexible and comfortable for use. New custom notifications We’ve added new types of custom notifications to provide you advanced options for configuring email notifications and text messages right in the Bookly menu. Custom notifications may include all booking [...]

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See what’s new in Bookly 14.3

The latest Bookly 14.3 version introduces new features, updates, and improvements, the majority of which were requested by our customers to make Bookly better. Support for Bookly Waiting list add-on With this add-on, you can add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked. That way, when an appointment becomes available, you can [...]

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Bookly v14.2: new add-on release and minor fixes

During the previous weeks, we’ve been working on fixing some issues that occurred. They included some errors while entering the purchase code. Currently, these problems have been completely fixed. Besides, we've added a support for the new add-on that integrates one of the most used online payment gateways – PayU Latam. This add-on is available [...]

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New release: Bookly 13.9

The latest Bookly update is out now! The new 13.9 version comes with the following improvements and changes. Ability to set price format Now YOU choose how the service price will appear in your booking form. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Payments and, from the drop-down list, select the way you want it [...]

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